What Coaches really need to know about Neuroscience and how to authentically support your clients using it.

3 Coaching Tools that use Neuroscience Super Effectively*

*Years of study and impossible to pronounce word requirements ELIMINATED…

In This Free Masterclass You’ll Discover:


The simple Synaptic Potential explanation for how Coaching works from the perspective of the brain and why, therefore, individuals and organisations should be trusting it.


Neuroscience backed coaching tools that we use with our global corporate clients weekly!


The biggest red flags that you don’t really know what you’re talking about - and your checklist for how to avoid them.


Our secret neuro approach to turbo-charging Coaching sessions to get incredible results. (Has the bonus of reducing your cognitive load too!)


The opportunity for a sneak peak behind the scenes view of our brand new Neuroscience for Coaches Certification Programme.


Date: 28th June 2022,  2pm (UK time)

A Note from Amy…

After Coaching amazing leaders from all walks of life, and training Coaches in some of the most impressive global organisations – I can confidently tell you that neuroscience takes Coaching to the next level.

We believe it is the most powerful discipline available to upskill Coaches, and if you’re serious about helping your clients, and being paid fairly for the contribution you’re making, then it’s an essential skill set.

If you’d like to invest 60 minutes to learn more about the potential of neuroscience, and how to overcome the gaps other training programmes are missing, then I will reveal the very approaches we use with our clients.

My goal for you is that after this free Masterclass, you will know whether becoming a Neuroscience Empowered Coach is the right move for you and exactly what your roadmap to elevate your practice looks like.

See you soon,