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What’s the brain got to do with Coaching anyway?

By Amy Brann

Surely it seems preposterous to question why understanding how the brain works would be valuable to Coaches. Actually perhaps not. For many Coaches it is a whole new concept that learning about the fundamentals of the brain could be of huge importance to the work that they do. For others the idea seems a little scary and sounds like it will be rather complicated. We can break neuroscience for Coaches down into some clear simple pieces:

  1. The brain is responsible for the results an individual gets in their life.
  2. An individual’s brain is on their side, its main aim is to keep its host alive!
  3. The brain is constantly on alert for any threats or potential rewards.
  4. Physical and social threats and rewards use the same parts (automated neural networks) of the brain. (We didn’t use to think this was the case, and most people still operate as if it isn’t).
  5. Threat responses impair your client’s performance while reward responses enhance it.
  6. Your responsibility as a Coach is to help facilitate your client’s self-directed neuroplasticity. (Help them adapt their brain to best support them).
  7. Like Coaching, rewiring a brain is a journey.


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