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The Course:

Are you ready to empower yourself with the cutting-edge coaching insights from neuroscience?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Goals, Habits & Beliefs.

  • Understand the neuroscience of goals & the power that gives both you and your client.
  • Study the essential ‘neuroanatomy’ and ‘neurochemicals’ that you NEED to know about.
  • Discover just how important these brain functions are in our everyday lives.

Module 2: Empowering Brain Concepts.

  • Study the brain concepts that will reveal why your clients behave the way they do.
  • Discover exactly why practices (such as mindfulness) & states (such as flow) are so impactful.
  • Empower yourself with the facts about neuroscience that will boost your expertise & help you connect deeply with your clients.

Module 3: How To Change Behaviour.

  • Understand the crucial power of neuroscience in changing behaviour.
  • Learn how to optimize the process of creating change for your clients.
  • Shape how you think about your work going forward.

Module 4: Influencing Productivity & Results.

  • This final module teaches you everything you need to know about productivity & how to optimize the brain’s capacity for results.
  • Discover the impact of the brain in motivation, fairness, decision-making & optimism.
  • Delve deep into what makes people tick and how to coach them to get the most out of themselves

Enrich your knowledge and build your coaching credibility today:

The Details:

We all know that everybody learns in a different way…

…Our flexible programme is aimed at empowering you with a hugely rewarding learning experience.

Your 6 month blended learning programme with us is mapped out as follows:

  • January: The programme begins with a group welcome call.  You receive online access to the full 4 Modules for you to start exploring at your own pace.
  • February: You join a connection call where you share progress so far and look at practical scenarios. You continue to explore the videos, audios and text online.
  • March: We all get together for 2 days in London to go in depth with Modules 1 & 2. You get hands on experience and to meet in person with other great Coaches.
  • April: You enjoy exploring Module 3 (juicy behaviour change) by working through the online resources and ask any questions during the group connection call.
  • May: We meet again in London to get practical experience with Modules 3 & 4.
  • June: You finalise any outstanding learning from all the modules and we celebrate the completion of your programme!

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  • Fuel your passion – breathe life into your passion & reap the rewards of a powerful skill.
  • Neuroscience made easy – easy, simple & powerful knowledge-boosting content.
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Meet Some Of The People We’ve Inspired To Grow Their Business & Fuel Their Passion For Coaching:

Maggi Preddy

Principal Consultant, PDP Coaching

“I would recommend this programme to any coaches wishing to grow their knowledge and insight of neuroscience and wishing to understand how this may impact on their coaching practice.”

Gwen Booth

Director, Eventum Coaching and Change Ltd

“I would recommend this programme because it is a such an interesting and valuable programme, yet part of me also wants to keep it quiet to maintain an element of exclusivity.”

Justine Lago

Onion HR

“I’ve noticed that I have had a more blended approach to my meetings with clients and as a result have definitely attracted more clients to working with me. I’d recommend this programme to anyone, prepared to invest in themselves (in time, money and energy) in this emerging area. We were encouraged to take responsibility as a learner, which meant that we got out what we put in and more. This meant that when I applied my learning it felt like I was making an active informed choice rather than just being “told” what to use.”

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