Amy Brann

Director – Author – Lead Trainer

Amy Brann is a thought leader in the field of human potential. As the assistant training director for the International Federation of Medical Schools Association Amy enjoyed managing the team that organised the soft skills training for over 700 medical students twice a year at various locations around the world. Leaving UCL medical school to pursue a Coaching career she became fascinated by what the brain can teach us to help transform thinking & performance. She has participated in over 12,000 hours of Coaching with clients all over the world.

Now most of the time Amy can be found consulting to and training people in companies in Europe, Asia and Australia and enjoys delivering interactive talks and workshops on the application of neuroscience. Her company, Synaptic Potential, is pursuing research opportunities to advance the practical applications of what neuroscience can bring to businesses.

In her book ‘Make Your Brain Work’, featuring a fictitious Coach, Amy discusses the studies that help us understand how people really work. These are then linked to how we can individually optimise our behaviour.

Stuart Brann

Operations Manager

Stuart runs all the behind the scenes elements of Neuroscience for Coaches. While Amy is out speaking, training, researching and writing Stuart keeps the systems running. As a skilled Coach he is able to ensure we work most effectively with collaborators. His analytical thinking style helps us focus on where we can make the biggest difference.