Why learn about Neuroscience for Coaches from Amy Brann

Neuroscience for Coaches has been created by Amy Brann. Amy is the author of the go-to book “Neuroscience for Coaches“, which is the resource used by many Coaches around the world.

Amy studied medicine at UCL medical school before choosing to train instead as a Coach. Delivering 12,000 hours of Coaching and consulting to many different leaders. This means she has seen, and helped deal with, problems in every sector and many different types of organization. Amy Brann blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of Coaching to share uniquely insightful ways forward. People say she delivers practical ways to understand and use neuroscience.

The delivery of the program and resources is supported by a fantastic Neuroscience for Coaches team. We’re also always on the look out for more partners to help us reach more Coaches.

Why do you as a Coach need to know about neuroscience?

There are many definitions of what makes a Coach a Coach. The thing that is 100% agreed on though is that you are working with the brain and mind of your client. The field of neuroscience has advanced spectacularly over the last 20 years and continues to uncover great findings on a regular basis. What neuroscience can add to a Coach’s understanding of working with people is hugely valuable.

On the one hand it subsequently seems odd that most Coach training programmes don’t cover basic neuroscience. However, on the other hand there is so much to cover in Coach training that perhaps it makes sense to leave it to specialists in this area.

Within a few years it will be expected that Coaches know why neuroplasticity is important, how to harness the power of dopamine and what the prefrontal cortex needs to work optimally. Those who choose not to up skill themselves will be left behind.