You may be a successful, committed Coach whose clients expect them to be equipped with the most up to date cutting edge tools and techniques. Perhaps you enjoy learning new things both to know you are the best Coach you can be and because you know it brings you quality clients who you can then serve most fully. You want to be a leader in your field and can afford to invest quality time and energy into thoroughly studying the application of neuroscience into Coaching.

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There are many definitions of what makes a Coach a Coach. The thing that is 100% agreed on though is that you are working with the brain and mind of your client. The field of neuroscience has advanced spectacularly over the last 20 years and continues to uncover great findings on a regular basis. What neuroscience can add to a Coach’s understanding of working with people is hugely valuable.....

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Complimentary Resources

Amy Brann, author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ and 'Neuroscience For Coaches' explains the key things Coaches who want to be top of their field, need to be aware of....

At Neuroscience for Coaches we recognise that by reading this you have probably realised how the field of Coaching is developing and how you will soon be expected to have a healthy understanding of how the brain actually works and what that means for your Coaching. However, how much time, energy and resources you want to invest in upskilling yourself in this area may not be quite so uniform.

The Training

Neuroscience underpins many Coaching methods, tools, ideologies and strategies. It explains why some things work and how some things don’t. It challenges ideals and has the potential to hold us to a higher standard as Coaches.

  • Have you been thinking about what would help you stand out as a Coach?
  • Looking for your next professional development experience?
  • Then you won’t want to miss out on this programme led by author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’ and ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’.

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The Book

The world of Coaching is competitive. Organizations want to work with people who deliver results, and can prove it. Individuals have less disposable income to put towards things that are seen as risky. Coaching tools and techniques are now fairly well established…but how do they actually work?

  • Coaches will soon be expected to scientifically explain what you do.
  • This resource is both easy to read and thorough in content.
  • ‘What can I do with this information?’ sections provide the valuable applications of neuroscience you’ll want to know about.

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If you are considering how you can entertain and inspire people while educating them about something they’re unlikely to have heard about before then think of Amy Brann.

Are you looking for a speaker who will:

  • Engage
  • Deliver results
  • Inspire and energise

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